Friday, May 07, 2004

I Will Survive

I hate to think that I went inside a theatre in Ayala showing a Tagalog film. Oh geez, how bourgeoisie! This when everybody else where killing each other to get seats in Hellboy and VanHel.. uh, Van-something.

But really now.

I Will Survive is a film with Maricel Soriano, Dina Bonnevie, Eric Quizon and Judy Ann Santos as the leads. Joel Lamangan directs.

Think, uh, Sex in the City set in the Philippines.

Maricel was underutilized in this film. She plays a neglected wife who has to go through several gimmicks just to get laid by her husband (Jay Manalo). As usual, Maricel is superb, subtle yet splendid, as only Maricel could be. Anyway, she finds out that his husband has been frequenting nightclubs and fooling around with GROs. So the very Kris Aquino-esque scenario of contracting STDs from a philandering husband ensues.

Dina wants time off from her husband so she'd be able to become passionate again. But her main dilemma is with her daughter (Serena Dalrymple) who feels ugly compared to her.

Judy Ann's travails comes from both offspring and spouse. Her husband, having too many lonely nights in Australia, has a long-term affair with another woman. They have a love child. The woman died, the husband pays for all the expenses, and Judy Ann finds out about it. Her daughter, having grown up without them doesn't want to have anything to do with Mother and Father. So Judy Ann has to win her over.

Eric Quizon is gay (HO-HUM...). He has two sons, and he has a policeman lover (Reggie Curly). Anyway, his older son finds his policeman lover trying to kiss Eric's character outside the latter's gate. Older son confronts Eric, who then tells him he's adopted. Son goes and finds mom, and himself. Blah blah blah blah...

This being a Tagalog movie, you'd really have to expect that everything is forgiven 2 minutes before the credits roll in. Yeah, you won't be disappointed. The ending was not really that satisfying. It was like Joel Lamangan lost steam, and just hurried up and tied everything up with nary a sense of good storytelling or trying to be believable. However, the movie is honest in its depiction of what really happens in real life, and it's entertaining too. Nope, albeit Judy Ann is part of the cast, there is no scene here that involved over-the-top melodrama. In fact, if you'd disregard the burol (wake) scene, I don't think you'd see 5 consecutive streams of tears shed here.

I'd give it a 3.12.

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